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The Hawaiian islands are now open and the weather is great, but the State has new requirements all visitors must follow while in Hawaii for access to key visitor locations. SafeTravel Hawaii messaging provides you easy access to everything required for visitors. Uncertain about the changes? We suggest you choose to have the new requirements, sent to you by our premium text message service. We assure you, the simplicity & added peace-of-mind is well worth it.


New requirements for VISITORS

Below are some of the new requirements that may directly impact your stay in Hawaii. Be certain you understand all requirements prior to your arrival. SafeTravel Hawaii is here to clarify the changes with our messaging service.

Mandatory Site Reservations

All visitors are now required to have a reservation to top attractions across Hawaii. If you don’t have the right reservation at the right time, you will be DENIED access.

Entry Fee For Travelers

There are also new visitor entry fees for access to certain locations/attractions. Know before you go so you can plan accordingly and not miss out!

Short-term Rental Restrictions

During the pandemic, it became clear to locals the impact short-term housing had on their quality of life. Due to this, new restrictions may impact your stay.

Avoid expensive mis-steps

 To help you avoid these recent mis-steps of others, we at SafeTravel Hawaii launched our Text Message Service Alerts.

“I had already printed the flow chart and was checking [the] website frequently … things were changing all the time. The 72 hour time frame does not give any wiggle room… People can’t fly into Hawaii now without a Negative test… We were forced to quarantine without any chance of taking a secondary test on island. So we decided to go home. After much expense … our dream vacation turned into a hellish nightmare! I wish I had known everything I needed to know earlier.

Michelle E. - Traveled November, 2020
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“It was not clear to me if I needed a negative Covid 19 test in order to travel to the island of Kauai. I spent $250 for a rapid response test only to be told I COULD NOT UPLOAD THE RESULTS because there was no exception around Kauai’s 10 day quarantine. I WASTED my money… I feel like I am being punished. If only I had subscribed to the SafeTravel Hawaii text message service alerts, this all could have been avoided!
Alert: Thousands of travelers [3,700] were told to quarantine due to backlog in test verification [wrong tests taken] … State Office of Enterprise Technology Services [said] the process can take up to 3 or 4 days.
Keegan O. - January, 2021

Approved activities

Choose from some of these highly-rated Hawaii activities. Many are providing  COVID-19 safety measures. Get the ultimate in protection with the approved Premium Hawaii Activities – offering private, once in a lifetime experiences.

As simple as text...

Uncertain about the process? Choose to have a concise step-by-step guide, plus breaking alerts, sent to you by text message service. We assure you, the simplicity & added peace-of-mind is well worth it. Includes our satisfaction guarantee (see Contact Us for details)

SafeTravel Hawaii airline Ohana

You can choose the airline you prefer, however the following airlines are preferred by SafeTravel Hawaii as they excel at improving your experience during this time.

Beginning October 15, 2020, a pre-travel testing option will allow travelers an alternative to Hawaii’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. To comply prior to travel, register with the travel & health online account. The state of Hawaii will only accept covid-19 test results from trusted testing and travel partners. Travelers must have received their negative test results prior to departure. All incoming travelers are required to have their temperatures checked and a review of their completed online form before they can leave the airport.
Above is some of Hawaii’s required multi-step process. Get informed and stay informed immediately to changing requirements by getting Our Text Messaging Service.
We provide a valuable supplemental service that compliments & clarifies all that is required (travel & health form, etc.) by the State for travelers to Hawaii. We have recognized it’s not easy for visitors to understand and follow the proper steps.
This is exactly the reason we created our text message service. Our aim is to educate and guide travelers through the required steps so that they avoid pitfalls upon entry. We provide the publicly available steps in a more digestible format. And we only charge a small fee for our text messaging service to cover our operating costs. Isn’t your vacation worth it?
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